Who’s Going to the Romantic Times Convention

So as I’m making my way through organizational land this week (a very scary place, I might add), I’m realizing that the Romantic Times convention is like 6 or so weeks away.

Ack! Time to organize.

First off, who’s going to be there?

Charlie and I will be there. And our book will be in print by then so we’re signing together at the book fair! Squeee!

And both my agent and one of my editors will be there. Squeee again!!!! Perhaps we’ll ‘do lunch’ *grin*

Okay, now onto the serious stuff….promo items. This is both fun and horrible. Horrible because you just never know if promotional items do any good as far as equating to book sales, and fun because I’m a complete and utter promo whore as far as goodies. I collect them and I do enjoy buying them.

I’ve ordered new pens and magnets to give away when Charlie and I do our stint at Club RT, the hospitality suite. And I have bookmarks to give away too, which I know suck as promo items but I have a ton so I’m giving them away.

Now pens….I am a complete pen whore. You should see my house. Pens everywhere. We have a gi-normous beer mug loaded down with pens, most I’ve gotten at conferences. It’s like a sickness. I can’t help myself. I see pens and I drool. So ordering them is a thrill. This year I’m getting fat pens with rubber grips in very cool icy colors. Perhaps I’ll post pics when they arrive. hehehe.

And the magnets will have the Out of the Darkness cover. Squee! (could I possibly Squee! anymore in this post?)

I should be writing, shouldn’t I?