What’s Your Writing Schedule?

A question for writers?

I’m always curious how other writers write. Do you write daily? At a specified time and place? Do you set word count or page count goals when you sit down to write, or do you write until the muse runs out to play? Do you set a book deadline date when you start a new book, or are you driven by publisher deadline, for those who are published? If not published, do you set a personal deadline to finish a book, or is it more loosely based on ‘whenever it’s done, it’s done’?

I write every day. Every.Single.Day. Some days it’s a couple pages. Other days it may be 3 or 4 chapters. I’m not very good at goal setting, though I probably should be. I have a clear timeframe in mind as far as when the finished product is due to my editor, and I’ve never missed a deadline, but how I manage to get there has always been a bit of a mystery to me.

I’d really like to get more organized, so I’m interested in how you all do it.

So tell me….how do you do it?