The Weekly “To Do” List

So it’s Monday again. Time for the weekly TO DO list.

Last week I managed to hit 3 out of 4 of my goals. Not too bad. The most important was the 10,000 words I did last week for my Berkley book, though I barely managed to get those finished last night. Bad, bad me.

So, this week’s to do list:

1. 10,000 words on WILD, WICKED AND WANTON.

2. Do small EC project which is due at the end of this month (that’s like the end of this week so I have to do this!

3. Work on promo and packing list for the RT convention (ack…so don’t want to do this but I really need to figure out what I need to bring to the convention)

4. Finish book for Angie’s TBR challenge

5. Start reading book for quote


So what’s on everyone’s to do list this week?