Monday Monday

Hey I have good news. Animal Instincts (mine, not Genas *g*) is a finalist in Passionate Ink’s pubbed author contest. Cool news, huh?

Last week’s to do list stuff went pretty well. I finished the second novella in Wild, Wicked and Wanton (woo hoo!) which was a big to do for me.

This week:

1. Write 10,000 words on the third novella for Wild, Wicked and Wanton.

2. Post office run – Mail costume, books, bookmarks, bookplates, yada yada yada

3. Write some ‘stuff’ for EC promo. (Yes, stuff. I know what I mean *g*)

4. Write blog entry about blogging. (Yes, I know what I mean about this too. It’s just a note to jog my memory…hehehe)

What’s on your ‘to do’ list this week?