Believe the Magic!

My wonderful and talented friend Melani Blazer has a new book out with Samhain Publishing! Check it out!

Believe the Magic by Melani Blazer

When the strange antique dealer bestows Ella Mansfield with a weird necklace, proclaiming it magic, Ella refuses to believe. Why would she have a use for such a thing?

But she finds herself the target of some pretty odd characters, including the sexy but enigmatic Quentin, who becomes her guardian, her guide and her lover. Gradually she learns her necklace holds two of the ten original gems stolen from the fairy king – gems that control all the magic in the world. Ella realizes the need to believe, but even more her need to search deep within her heart to figure out who to trust, especially when those closest to her seemed to be following their own agendas.

With bad guys just a step behind them, Ella and Quentin use the magic to jump through time and space while bluffing their way out of questionable situations – in search of a plan. That comes to a screeching halt when Ella finds herself face to face with the man she’s been trying to avoid.

Ella’s an unlikely hero, learning as she goes – but the ultimate lesson involves a sacrifice she never expected to face, and one that all the magic in the world cannot undo.

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