RESCUE ME Released!

I’m so thrilled to announce the release of my contemporary ranch story, RESCUE ME, from Samhain Publishing! Click HERE to buy!

Love can rescue a lonely heart.

Kyle Morgan doesn’t want to be rescued, especially not by former beauty queen Sabrina Daniels. Sabrina fires up Kyle’s long dormant libido, and it’s like a match struck on dry tinder—an explosion of heat whenever she’s around. His cheating ex-wife left a bad taste in his mouth about the entire female gender and he doesn’t want to get involved again, despite Sabrina’s untapped sensuality.

Sabrina Daniels, newly divorced from her controlling millionaire husband, is out to build her independence and begin a new life. She’s always wanted to be a ranch owner but knows nothing about ranching. Her solution comes in the form of The Rocking M in Dreamwater, Oklahoma. The ranch needs an investor, and she has the money. But if she wants her dreams to come true, Sabrina will have to work alongside handsome-as-sin Kyle Morgan. Yes, he’s surly and unpleasant, but underneath his tough exterior, she discovers a man who feels like a failure.

Both have firm goals for their future, but love has a way of interfering in the best laid plans.

Reviews for RESCUE ME

Joyfully Reviewed

Rescue Me is a wonderfully romantic story that left me glowing with a smile on my face.

Ecataromance Reviews

Rescue Me is a journey about getting through the tough spots, learning to communicate, banding together, and falling in love despite yourself. Definitely a book for multiple reads, and I’m hoping for a sequel!