My Perfect Partner

Chey tagged me so I have to talk about my perfect partner.

He’s, of course, my husband Charlie.

Now anyone who knows Charlie knows he far, far from perfect. Good thing, because neither am I. *g*. That’s what makes us perfect for each other.

He doesn’t cater to my every whim (dammit), knows when not to say anything and knows when to tell me I’m wrong. He doesn’t treat me like a princess or let me have my own way on everything. He argues with me, sometimes rather loudly *g*, he’s a stubborn, opinionated pain in the butt , rarely listens to my advice even when it’s good for him, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

He makes me laugh until I can’t breathe. He can bring me out of a bad mood with his jokes. He can hold me and take my tears away with the depth of his love. There isn’t a day that goes by that my breath doesn’t catch when I look at him. His kisses curl my toes and when I’m wrapped up in his embrace there is nothing that can go wrong in my life.

Because he loves me, with all my faults, and believe me, I have many. He thinks I’m beautiful in a raggy old shirt and sweatpants, with bedhead and no makeup. He supports my writing, in fact he’s the reason I started writing again after years of nothing but dabbling with no results. He believed in me, in my talent as a writer, when no one ever did before. I am where I am today because of him.

He’s not a perfect man, but he’s THE perfect man for me, and I love him with all my heart.

I’m tagging Mel, Shan, Angie, Mandy, Anna and Diana