Oh Woe Are My Revisions

Revisions on Surviving Demon Island are here

Round two.


Five page revision letter and notes all over the mss. Okay so clearly I didn’t give them what they wanted in Round one, cuz I have some massive work to do in round two. Like reworking the heroine, the demons, the worldbuilding…okay, the whole book *g*

That which does not kills us makes us stronger, right?

Actually the revisions are killer. Or they’ll kill me. Not sure yet.

All I know is I’m going to be at this for awhile, and seriously rewriting the entire book, but the overall vision for the rewrite is awesome (at least I saw that much through the tears..hehehe).

Oh, and I’ll be doing said replotting/rewrite while simultaneously writing my Berkley book, of course.

Cocktails anyone?