A New MeMeMe

This one looked easy enough so I swiped it from Angie‘s blog today. *grin*

Current Clothing: Sweatpants – red. They have Grumpy from the seven dwarfs. They say Grumpy on them. Yeah, that’s appropriate for me *g*. Red long sleeved shirt that says Sweetheart Bakery, Made With Love. So doesn’t go with the Grumpy Sweatpants, does it? Socks and pink slippers.

Current Hair: Uhhhhh total bedhead.

Current Mood: Bout the same as always. Slightly grouchy, tired, but today I’m jazzed because I found some great research info on high tech weaponry so maybe I can move forward on Demon Island rewrite stuff.

Current Refreshment: Coffee with cream.

Current Annoyance: Demon Island’s rewrite, of course. The bane of my existence right now.

Current Avoidance: Demon Island’s rewrite. *snort*

Current Smell: *sniff sniff*. Uhhhh…nothing. It’s dry in here. I must have a stuffy nose *g*

Current Thing You Ought to be Doing: Demon Island rewrites, of course.

Current Thing or Things on Your Wall: This great calendar I bought called “The Kiss”. Has couples kissing for every month and it’s adorable. And a beautiful framed picture that my friend Mel took. She’s a fabulous photographer.

Current IM Person You’re Talking To: Angie, Shan, Mel, Mandy whenever she pops back in. Mel just left for work.

Current Jewelry: My wedding ring on my left hand, a silver and gold band that matches one Charlie has on my right hand.

Current Book: Revisions on Demon Island. Reading Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen. Finishing up RITA books.

Now you play along!