Wolf Moon, Friday the 13th and Jaci’s Need For A Talisman

Full moon and Friday the 13th

Significant? You tell me. I’m not really superstitious, but it sure makes me want to drag out my wolfie plotlines and get crankin again.

Sadly, not on my agenda this week.

Demons are, though. So close enough.

Shan was blogging today about her talisman, her hackeysack. Something she fiddles with, that she has to have around while thinking, musing, plotting, scene structuring and the like.

I don’t have a talisman and I’ve decided I need one. (No, we’re not going to ask why I need one…I just do *g*)

So help me figure out what I need.

Or maybe I should have people send me free stuff, and i’ll choose one as my talisman (bwahahahahahahahaahaha…this so works for me in a totally, greed-filled, capitalist way *g*)

Maybe I should buy one of those squishy pillows that everyone seems to love. Or my own hackeysack, though I hate to copy. I have my two puppies, but they don’t count and wouldn’t appreciate me squooshing them in my hands when musing. Stuffed animal? Something demon oriented? hehehe.

What would make a good talisman? Any ideas? Help me out here, people? Does anyone else use them?

Am I obsessing? Don’t answer that, of course I am. Just work with me here, people.