Underworld Evolution and Paranormal Rules

So, hubby and I went to see Underworld Evolution yesterday.

Did I love the movie? Yes.

Did it have flaws? Yes.

But I won’t go into what I thought those flaws were because I don’t want to spoil it. Other than to say as a writer of paranormal, worldbuilding and staying true to your rules within that world and making sure it’s clear and makes sense are essential. I found myself watching the movie and making mental notes about my own books to make sure I don’t make mistakes.

Like how a creature dies. What are the elements that will kill off a paranormal creature, and if you create a world, making sure the reader knows what those elements are, and then staying true to those elements, or at least making sure they make some freakin sense. And if you deviate from your own ‘rules’, then explain why.

For example….if you have a creature, and a certain kind of weapon will kill that creature, and then suddenly that kind of weapon DOESN’T kill that creature any longer…..please explain why. Or if a creature is killed and is lying dead for awhile….and is suddenly not dead an hour later, please explain why they’re no longer dead when you thought they were dead.


So was I.


Anyway, great movie, but I had some issues with it. And it was a fabulous learning experience for me as far as what to watch out for when creating my own paranormal worlds and the rules my characters have to live by within that world.