It Didn’t Fit Under The Christmas Tree

Actually, on Christmas Eve, Charlie and I went tooling around the Chevy dealership and this is what we came home with….

Chevy Tahoe – The damn thing comes with everything but maid service…though I think Onstar damn near qualifies as that *g*

It’s the gift that keeps on giving….or we’ll keep on giving…for the next 7 years. *ack*

But I haven’t had a new car in almost 10 years. And we take lots of road trips (I’m a writer…conventions and such, ya know). And ye olde Jeep was beginning to cost major buckos in repairos.

And frankly….I love it. It’s huge. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.

Now Charlie is afraid no one will ever sit up front with him again since the DVD player is in the back seat. hehehe

I just have to figure out where the plugin is for my laptop…..