The Hamster on The Wheel

Ever watch a hamster running on his little wheel? He just zips along on that thing, faster and faster and faster, but of course goes nowhere.

I know how the little bugger feels.

I finished Charlie’s bludgeoning of Demon Island. A couple more CP’s will be looking at it, then I have to edit it again, then hopefully it’ll be off to the editor. And not damn soon enough for me *g*

Finished edits to Holiday Bound last night. That went easy. Of course it was an EC quickie, so a short book. Thank God for small projects. hehehe

I sent off two proposals to my agent yesterday. Not sure how I feel about those. I guess we’ll see how she feels about them.

I have to plot and write my prequel to the Storm series for the EC Forbidden Fantasies hardcover, but fortunately that’s not due til March 1st. (though that seems like….tomorrow *g*)

I have to start outlining my next proposal for Bantam/Dell as part of my initial contract with them. Outline and sample chapters are due February 15. (Yeah, that seems like tomorrow too). Do I have the story fully realized in my head yet? ‘Course not.

I have two completed books, one for EC and one for Samhain, that are lurking in the background and I know I’ll be getting edits on those soon. (Probably ‘tomorrow’ *g*).

And I need to write a full length EC book somewhere in there. Like….soon. (Tomorrow?)

Yeah….hamster on the wheel, singing Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow, You’re Only A Day Awayyyyyyyy