Holiday Over…Back To Work

A four day holiday weekend meant absolutely no writing time for me. First off, family visits, a baby shower, shopping and hubby home equalled disruption in normal writing time.

So today it’s back to work.

I’m writing a proposal. Have the synopsis finished, so today I’m working up a few chapters. This is an anthology proposal, where I would be writing all three stories, so it’s a bit odd, because I have to do the beginning chapters of all three stories. But the stories are connected, so when story 1 ends, story 2 picks up after that, and story 3 picks up after the end of story 2. It’s rather odd to think about writing a chapter of the first story, then the first chapter of the 2nd story which actually starts after story 1 ends. I haven’t written story 1 yet, but I’ll have to write the first chapter of story 2 as if I’ve already written story 1. And then the same for story 3.

For a linear writer, it really screws with the brain cells *g*

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Now all of you….back to work! 😉