Middle Meh-ness

Chey blogged a bit about this and I’m finding myself in the same spot. She talked about writing yourself into a corner and having to rewrite in order to back yourself out. My dilemma is a little different in that I haven’t really written myself into a corner, it’s more like plotted myself into this revolving door of same-ness and I find myself in the middle of the book and my characters are doing the same thing in the upcoming chapter that I’ve done for the previous two or three chapters. Which means one thing….BORRRRING!

Yes, I’ve hit the midpoint in the book and I’ve started to sag (okay maybe I’M not sagging…or at least I hope I’m not…lol) and my characters are balking. So yesterday I found myself staring at the start of my next chapter at the beginning of the day, and by the end of the day I found myself staring at the start of the same chapter.

Well, wasn’t that productive?

Not really.

So did I make any startling revelations while spending the day staring at all that white space?


Don’t do the same thing in the next chapter that I’ve been doing the previous chapters before. Which means i need to do a bit of replotting.

I think it’s time for some piranhas….. (yes, Angie, that was for you *g*)