Conversations With The Heroine

Me: I’m on deadline and we’re getting nowhere fast.

Gina: You’re boring me. I can’t get motivated if I’m bored.

Me: I can’t help it. I needed some angst.

Gina: Well you almost had me being nice in Chapter 12, for Christ’s sake. What’s wrong with you?

Me: *whimper* I don’t know. I need a vacation.

Gina: Quit whining and refer to your sucknopsis. You know me by now. We’ve been through almost 70,000 words together. I am not wimpy, I am not weak. I am strong willed and kickass.

Me: You need to have some faults. You’re not superwoman. If you’re too perfect Derek won’t love you.

Gina: Yes he will, because I’m a great f–

Me: Don’t say it or I swear I’ll remove you completely from the next chapter and let Derek use explosives without you.

Gina: *glaring*…You wouldn’t dare.

Me: *hovering over the delete key*

Gina: You win. But you just wait til you want to sleep tonight. I’ll be in your head with all kinds of ideas for Chapter 14.

I hate my heroines….