Back From My Reunion!

Reunion Picture:

Left to right: Gale, me, Connie and Linda.

So I had an absolute blast this weekend! So my old girlfriends (though I guess at our age I should never use ‘old’ in a sentence…hehehe). Friday night we had a big happy hour for our class at ET’s House of Rock. Saw a bunch of people I recognized right off. Others I couldn’t have recognized at all if they hadn’t told me who they were. It was much easier to recognize the woman than the men. Go figure!

Anyway, we partied hard and the news was out that I wrote erotic romance. It was quite a HUGE buzz and I got lots of attention! It was a total thrill for me and I laughed a lot at some of the comments I got about it. Some of the guys wanted me to give advice to their wives *snicker* I had requests for people to sign their books. I even gave a book to someone who’d never read one of mine. Two of my girlfriends, Linda and Connie, read my books all the time – they’re like my newest, bestest promo managers ever – they told EVERYBODY about my writing – (I adore them *g*).

There’s nothing like seeing my girlfriends. It’s like picking up right where I left off with them years and years ago, and nothing has changed. They all married their high school sweethearts or guys they met right after high school so I know all their guys too. A great bunch of people and I really miss them all a lot. Really makes me wish I lived closer.

So Saturday night was the reunion. More visiting, more partying, LOTS more dancing. (And lots more resting in between dancing *g*). My girlfriend Connie and I were awarded a prize for best rack…not bad for old girls..hehehe.

Some reunions aren’t fun. Mine have always been fun, and that’s because of my girlfriends. I love seeing them. I miss them and this is always a great opportunity to catch up. Some friends come and go over the years and you lose touch, but with these friends, we never have. No matter how many years have gone by, they have always welcomed me back as if I never left. You can’t ask for better friends than that. I love you girls!

SIDE NOTE: My son, Matt, reads my blog. His eyes are probably bleeding by now since he tends to cringe at anything personal and all the sex talk, even though he’s 24 and CLEARLY old enough to handle it *g*. Everyone be sure to say hi to Matt and commiserate on his behalf. Hi sweetie…hehehe