THAT was so not on my list!


Husband at work for the day – check

Stepdaughter at her mom’s for the weekend – check

Puppies down for their morning siesta – check

Four chapters of current mss received back from Mel, sufficiently bludgeoned and bloodied and ready for me to fix (thank you, Mel)- check

Migraine – check

Whoa. Wait a minute. Back up here. Migraine?

No. No no no no no no. Migraine is so not on the list for today. I’m on new migraine preventative meds. They’ve been working. Haven’t had a migraine since mid-June. New meds working great.


Was it the bacon I had at IHOP last night? Maybe the Butterfinger or M&M’s I snuck at work yesterday (bad me). Not enough water and I’m dehydrated. Not enough sleep lately. What? what? what? Is Mercury in retrograde?

*sobs* I NEED this day all alone to write and clean up this mess of mss.

*off to find the sample *take these for when you actually GET a migraine* meds doc gave me and to flip off the fates*