Mel Is A Diva Today

My wonderful friend Melani Blazer has not one, but two books released and is on the Ellora’s Cave Homepage twice. She’s such a diva. *g*

Here’s snippets from her two books. I’ve read them both. They’re fabulous. Buy them. Trust me on this.

The Last Bite By Melani Blazer

Once the hunter…

Laura hasn’t seen her partner in six years—when an easy bounty capture went horribly wrong. She’s back with a secret that threatens the man she once loved, who still sets her blood on fire with little more than a look.

Now the hunted…

Elliot has his sights on one vamp—his brother’s killer. He’s swayed from his mission only by the reappearance of his former partner. Their blistering passion makes him forget her cryptic warning, until he’s forced to face it. Will Laura fare as well when his secret is revealed?

And in the anthology Things That Go Bump In the Night V:

Haunted Redemption By Melani Blazer

He isn’t the Scott she once knew. Lili never expected to see him again, but when she does, the sparks between them make Halloween a night to remember. It had been at a haunted house ten years earlier that Scott had disappeared. Lili has no intention of letting history repeat itself.

Scott returns, desperate to see the woman he’d left behind, knowing he’ll have one night—one night to savor for an eternity. He hasn’t counted on the power of their attraction—and the devastating effects his secret will have on the woman he loves.

I love Mel. Not only is she a great, supportive friend who has always been there to laugh with me, to cry with me and to occasionally kick the shit out of me when I desperately need it (which, sadly, is quite often *g*), she writes also write beautifully. The way I want to write someday when I grow up and learn how to actually add incredibly breathtaking descriptive prose in my books. Sigh. If you haven’t tried her books you’re missing out.