Action, Adventure, Guns and Demons

So, back to writing outside the comfort zone.

As I get more involved in this book I’m writing, I realize that it requires a lot more …..gasp……research. Now, since I’m inherently lazy, the 25 or so books I’ve written for Ellora’s Cave have all been fairly easy in the research department, with the exception of Mountain Moonlight, Animal Instincts and Dolphin’s Playground, which required rather extensive research into dolphins and wolves. I enjoyed those, though, since I love both dolphins and wolves.

But this book. Now this one, the book formerly known as “crap”, has required some major research. Weapons research. So not my area of expertise. *shudder*. I’m spending a gi-normous amount of time researching guns, lasers, survival training, jungle warfare and the like. Talk about outside the comfort zone. Hell-lo. City girl here. Not weapons babe at all. Once again, what the hell was I thinking? Still, sometimes it’s nice to push oneself outside that comfort zone. Plus, I kind of like that my heroine is going to carry several guns. Little guns AND big guns. Maybe there’s a part of me that wants to be like her.

Hmm, Charlie did tell me he’d take me to a firing range anytime. And I do have that Lara Croft fantasy…. *snicker*