The “Crap” That Wasn’t

Okay, so….back a few weeks ago I was working on this proposal for my agent that I was convinced was ‘crap’.

Crap crap crap.

Well after going to RWA and telling her about it, she convinced me (via royal edict of ‘SEND IT!’) that she would tell me whether or not it was crap. So after I got back, I tweaked it a bit and sent it off, deciding to hide under my desk until she read it.

She read it.

It’s not crap. At least according to my agent *g*

Amazing how the writer can screw with her own warped mind sometimes, isn’t it?

And now my friends (aka ‘the bitches’) will now post all the “I told you so’s” that they’re entitled to post…..)

I do love those bitches….