Packing For RWA

Packing for a trip is never easy for me. Packing for a business trip is a nightmare because there are ‘professional’ clothes involved. Vacation is easy. Jeans, shorts, sundresses, swimsuits. Piece of cake. Business trip involves suits, coordinating tops and underwear, shoes that go with every outfit, jewelry, yada yada yada. Nightmare city and extra luggage. The list is endless.

Along comes Charlie, my husband, who’s accompanying me on this trip. He makes out his list last night. Jeans, polo shirts, shorts, t-shirts, socks, underwear, swim trunks, boots, shoes, jacket, toiletries. Done. Yes, that would be his packing list for a business trip too, since he’s in the construction industry.

I hate him.

Why is it so much easier for him than me? Why can’t I just pack my jeans and a blazer, my cute camisoles, trendy sparkly shoes and call it good enough? Why do I have to have dresses, peasant skirts, short skirts, power suits, coordinating blouses and all the matching shoes and jewelry that go with them? Why do I have to have 3 suitcases to his 1/4 of a suitcase?

It simply isn’t fair.

Off to coordinate my ensembles.