HANDS ON Releases Today!

I’m so excited about HANDS ON Releasing Today! Please check it out and let me know what you think! This is my 23rd book release with Ellora’s Cave. Yes, I still get nauseous and chew off all my fingernails. *g*

Hands On By Jaci Burton

Lara McKenzie can’t believe anyone would want to interview her about placing first in the annual self-pleasure fundraiser. An educator, she also writes books helping women to achieve more fulfilling sex lives. Now if only she could fulfill her own!

Mark Whitman, freelance reporter, has just scored an easy assignment—write an article for Total Man Magazine about Lara McKenzie, sex educator and obvious expert on self-pleasure. He expects to find a bookish geek, not a red-hot redhead!When his one-time assignment turns into a request for a full-time job writing with Lara, Mark has to lie to Lara to convince her to co-author the articles. Soon they’re steaming up the sheets in the bedroom and on the pages of the magazine and Mark is in way over his head. The truth may set you free, but Mark’s afraid when Lara finds out the truth, he’ll lose not only the job of his dreams, but the woman he loves.

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