My Website Has Turned Into An Ugly Beast

After 21 books released in the past two years, I have noticed that my website has grown into this ugly, unwieldy beast. It’s complicated, the genres are all over the board, it’s too hard to people to find stuff and it’s just a general mess.

So I’m going to have my site redesigned. I’m actually rather excited about it. Some people fear change. I embrace it. Change means “new” and I get bored so quickly that whenever I have the opportunity for ‘new’ I get really excited!

Easy to navigate and not graphic intensive are keys for me (since living in the rural sticks means I’m still stuck in dialup internet land when I’m at home….ugh). But I also think simplicity is important. I write in multiple genres, so if a reader is looking for my paranormal books, there should be one button to take them to a preview of all books of that genre.

So what makes a good website? What are the key elements that make someone stay to look around, and what makes you run in the opposite direction?