Let’s Play the Desperation Promotion Game!

Why is it that some authors feel that in order to generate publicity for themselves they have to trash their genre, their peers, their publishers and their readers? Why is it that some authors just don’t get the fact that when we support each other, we all win, but when we try to push each other down, it hurts us all?

This author has apparently developed a new method of promotion. It’s called “My Books Rock – Everyone Else’s Suck”. Clearly a sure-fire way to engage readers and other authors.


I was so beyond pissed after reading this that it took me several hours to compose a reply. I even posted the link to her blog so readers could take a look and give me their impressions.

Basically what she’s intimating here is that her books are wonderful expressions of romance with eroticism tastefully blended in. The rest of us write trash and readers who buy our books are sex fiends.

Yuh huh. That went over well.


Shannon made some wonderful comments about this.

Below are a few responses from readers (posted with their permission), because on her blog this autor asked for ’email’ replies…in other words, she can dish it out, but she can’t take it publicly. 😉

Readers said:

From Anne – As a reader and reviewer I’ve never heard of you or any of your worksand I find your belief that you know what I’m looking for in a bookand what I consider good rather high-handed and offensive. Ifind “bad” books everywhere whether they be in mainstream, erotica,category, suspense, or whatever other genre you choose to read andthe fact that you’re singling out erotic romance but making the pointthat your books are better than the majority of the books in thatgrouping makes me believe that you have a secondary motivation forwriting this blog and that would be to better your sales. I readerotic romance and there are some days when I enjoy nothing but aquick read that is playful and sexy. Then, there are other days thatI enjoy poignent love stories containing sex scenes that show thedepth of the characters emotions, BUT, I don’t think you should beable to dictate what is and what is not a good read. You have youropinion and I have mine and I can safely say that they differvastly.I would like to thank you for making me aware of your existence as anauthor so I know what name to avoid when I go online to buy books.

From Lorri-Lynne – Wow – I never knew I was so stupid as to imagine that my reading tastes were so thoroughly wrong. Thank you so much for pointing out that as a reader I’m an idiot who doesn’t respect love because I read erotica that you obviously don’t approve of.

You know, in this world there should be more tolerance. Tolerance of other’s peoples race. Tolerance of their religion. Tolerance of their reading preferences. Your diatribe on the poor quality of any erotica that is not just like yours smacks of intolerance, and for that reason I will make a conscious effort not to buy your books. Especially coming from another author, your comments insult many wonderful authors who write great books. But because they don’t conform to your tastes, they are trash.

As a reader I find your comments offensive as well. I read across many genres, and I have found many, many authors among those you would like to put down who have held my attention just as deeply and thoroughly as the Nicholas Sparks’, Nora Roberts’, Stephen King’s, Anne McCaffrey’s, James Patterson’s and Nelson Deville’s of the world. But because they don’t conform to your tastes, I might as well read about drug addicts.

Not all erotica is to my taste. Not all romance is to my taste. Not all horror, or mainstream, or science fiction is to my taste. But that doesn’t mean that those books are trash. It simply means they are not to my taste – but I’ll bet someone else out there enjoys them. And for that, I say good for the author, and good for the reader who enjoys them. Many happy hours to both.

From Lis – F%$$##@ unbelievable !!!!!!! Her conceit about her own ‘talent’ truly blows my mind. It’s bad enough she makes so many generalizations (Which I hate) but in the meantime talks up her own work. Argghhhhh

From Claudia – The erotic writers I’ve read have pushed the limit past the purple headed love lance prose of the bodice ripper authors. As I remember some of the earlier BR works, the men pretty much took what they wanted…DUH

More to come 😉