I’m Back from RT!!!!

I love the Romantic Times convention. Now I’ve never been to an RWA conference, but I’ve heard enough stories to know that RT and RWA are night and day different.

I love RT because readers are there. It’s such fun to mix and mingle with the people who read your books. I love RT because booksellers are there and it’s a chance to introduce them to my books and my publisher. There are also agents and editors there, but to be honest I don’t have any idea where they were or who they were (except for Anna Genoese of TOR who I met in the elevator *g*). They mix and mingle with the rest of us.

Now I must admit to being the drooling reader fan at the bookfair, sending Charlie around to get autographed books from some of my favorite authors. (How the hell did I miss Karen Marie Moning? I’m so bummed that I didn’t get a signed copy of one of her Highlander books….*sob*).

We had a blast. Charlie was way more popular than me because he’s got schmoozing down to an art form…the man should write a book about winning new friends at conferences….he has no fear at all about asking people like Karen Robards or Christine Feehan or MJ Davidson to sign his book bag. Me? I’m all tongue tied and shell shocked while asking for an autograph. I’m such a dweebie fan *g*

The readers were heaven to hang out with and we laughed our asses off for 5 solid days. I have pictures up at my yahoo photo site at http://photos.yahoo.com/jaciburton

I think you have to be logged into yahoo to see them.

And now I’m braindead and broke and I think I had a book to write but I’m waiting for reserve brain cells to kick in and tell me what book that was 😉

Jaci…in need of a 5 day nap