The Curse of Conferences

I’m getting ready for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention next week in St. Louis.

What this means is that every witty brain cell I might possess has been sucked dry with thoughts of promo and packing and costumes. There’s so much to do and my head’s like a carousel going round and round and round and…

where was I?

Oh yeah. And not only that, my mother who’s 83 and forgetting everything I tell her on the phone but she wants me to come visit. This convention is non stop gatherings and workshops and parties and schmoozing and I have to leave at some point to see my mom, who can’t keep straight the days I’m going to be there anyway.

I’m going to need a vacation after this conference.

I want to write. I have great books to read. Karen Marie Moning’s …uhhh one of those Highlander books….is calling to me and I don’t have time to read it!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. The time, the expense, the travel, the hassles, the expense. Did I mention the expense? Oy.

But soon I’ll be there and I”ll have a wonderful time. Then I can come back and get ready for the RWA conference in July, along with hubby’s business trip in June and a visit to see my sons after RWA.

I’m insane.