The Jaci Burton Method of Plotting

pay close attention, this is complicated.

1. think up cool characters. guy must be hot. girl must actually be present in book, so guess it’s okay to plot her too, though she doesn’t matter much cuz we’re mainly interested in hot guy

2. after development of awesome characters, grumble about actually having to have a plot. develop plot. (i.e. ‘stuff’ happens from chapter 1 to end of book. don’t forget to showcase hot guy a lot in plotting)

3. Plotline – a) meet and greet b) sexual tension c) plot ‘stuff’ d) more sexual tension e) kissing f) plot ‘stuff’ g) sex h) sex i) sex j) plot ‘stuff’ k) boo hoo moment l) sex m) sex n) sex o) HEA p) sex

3. Write up synopsis that looks like you created it in third grade. Messy, with typos. Doesn’t really matter what you put in synopsis because arrogant, smart-assed characters will change it on you anyway. Synopsis will contain aforementioned ‘stuff’ that happens from chapter 1 to end of book (note to self: don’t forget the sex….make sure hot guy gets lots of sex…with or without token woman)

4. After synopsis written, open template and write book. (Note: start at chapter 1…don’t forget hot guy…get him in there right away)

Hey…it seems to work okay for me 😉