Editing Is Screwing With My Blog Abilities

Back to back books. Got one on Thursday and one on Friday. How can I remember to blog when I’m under this kind of stress? (insert tongue in cheek look here *g*).

Okay it could possibly be attributed to my complete lack of organizational skills.
Or that my back hurt (clearly affecting my brain cells)

Now, onto revisions. First book was a quickie (12K). Piece of cake for edits. Did edits and read through in one day.

Second book I knew would need some tweaking, plus my editor has once again used the “E” word (as in, can you Expand this book and make it longer?). Being the ‘yes’ girl that I am, I said…uhh…yes.

Now, the edits are going great so far. I’m halfway through editing and my own reading/revisions. Some sections I find I’m rather impressed with how well they’re written (hey, even I have occasional moments of brilliance *g*). Okay, not perfect, but they don’t suck and when a section doesn’t suck I pronounce it ‘brilliant’.

It’s the other sections that plague me. First I cringe when I read a paragraph that a third grader could write better (I blame drugs. Or alcohol. Or bad hair days. Anything but my own writing abilities ). Then I can easily spend twenty minutes rewriting a 3 sentence paragraph. First I tweak and that doesn’t work. Then I delete one sentence and rewrite that one, only to find the other two sentences now don’t make a lick of sense. Argh!

How come I can’t have more moments of brilliance instead of third-grader-itis?

Back to editing. Or drugs. Or alcohol. Or a bad hair day.