There’s a Heffalump on My Chest

Heffalump = Elephant in Tigger’s world. Not my fault if you don’t follow Winnie The Pooh and have no idea what I’m talking about *g*

Woke up yesterday with big, fat pink heffalump’s butt sitting on my chest.

Me: *tap tap tap* ‘scuse me *cough*

Heffalump: *big drooling grin* Mornin! Time to get up!

Me: *cough*couldyoupleasegetoffmychest?*cough*

Heffalump: It’s comfy here. And besides, you like me.

Me: I*wheeze*like you in books and in movies. Not on my *cough* chest

Heffalump: But I wuvs you. I’m staying

Me: (whining) I have a deadline! I don’t have time for a thing in my chest *coughsnifflecough*

Heffalump: But I wuvs you. I’m staying.

Me: (makes full hearted attempt to push Heffalump off chest, to no avail. Gets up and showers and goes to work.)

Heffalump sits on chest all day at work, requiring me to cough, clear my throat and wheeze in attempt to dislodge said big butted creature. Return home from work and take to the sofa, intending to fall asleep until Heffalump gets bored and leaves. Wake up, Heffalump still there, grinning, drooling and jumping up and down on me.

With evil glare, pads into kitchen and grabs the yikky tasting red stuff. Heffalump’s eyes get large.

Heffalump: Don’t drink THAT stuff. We don’t like it.

Me: Tough. *glug glug glug*

Pads into bedroom and promptly enters 8 hour coma.

Next morning…big fat Heffalump butt on my chest

Me: *groan*cough*Ireallydo haveawriting*cough*deadline

Heffalump: We didn’t like that red stuff. We think it makes you sick. We’re staying on another day to make sure you’re feeling better.

Me: *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze*