The First Sale

There’s nothing more exciting than sharing the BIG news of a friend’s first sale! Shannon sold her first book to Ellora’s Cave! I’m probably as excited as she is, reliving the day I received the email from Ellora’s Cave that they were accepting Paradise Awakening. That seems like eons ago (in reality, almost 2 years), and yet still feels like yesterday. I can still picture that moment the email came through with the contract and “Welcome” information. I stared at it, certain it had to be some mistake. They didn’t want MY book, did they? But sure enough, all the information had my name on it!

I ran outside where Charlie was working on the truck, told him, and we held hands and jumped up and down like a couple kids. The rest of the day was a blur. I probably did laundry, cooked dinner and all the other routine things, while in the back of my mind lingered those two words I had seemingly waited a lifetime to attribute to myself….published author.

Does it completely change your life? Not really. I still write the same way I did before I sold, I still love it as much as I did then, and I still have the same insecurities. I still do laundry and cook dinner (my family refuses to recognize me for the diva I am *g*), but for those few moments in time, I was Cinderella. And I’ll never forget it.

I hope Shannon is experiencing that same sense of wonder today. It’s a day you’ll never forget.

I will lift up my glass in toast to you today, my friend. For you truly deserve this, and it’s only the beginning of wonderful things about to happen to you.