Help! I need DISCIPLINE!

No, not the ‘whack me with a flogger’ kind of discpline, though that might help 😉

I’m talking about discipline to write, to finish a book without wanting to stop mid-stream and work on a totally different book.

I used to have my schedule known months in advance, which meant I had deadlines. Deadlines to turn in finished work with enough time for it to be edited and proofed before its scheduled release.

Because of changes, I no longer have that, and it’s making me crazy. I have to be one of the most undisciplined people I know. And without those firm deadlines, I’m floundering, working on 3 different books at the same time and not finishing any of them.

Ack! I’ve tried the self-discpline and internal deadlines thing. Nope, nuh uh. My mind wasn’t born yesterday, it’s not falling for self-imposed deadlines. It wants real, concrete publisher deadlines. Man can I whip out a book when I’m under deadline pressure. Without it, who knows when I’ll finish the next one.


Off to flog myself, and not in a fun way *g*