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April 23, 2024

The Backup Bride Proposal

Book 4 in the Boots and Bouquets series.

Mae Wallace is an expert at putting together amazing weddings. What she isn’t an expert at is acting. So when she’s called on to stand in for an actress who’s late for filming at Bellini Weddings, of course she agrees to stop in. She can always be counted on.

What she doesn’t count on is Kane August. Famous actor and all around very sexy man. Ruggedly handsome, and unexpectedly very nice guy. How’s she supposed to give him the cold shoulder when he treats her like she’s the best thing to ever happen to him?

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December 3, 2024

Designs on You

Natalie Parker has her hands full with her job, her two kids, and managing her life after divorce. She doesn’t have time for Eugene Kennedy, who’s younger, tech savvy and chasing after her as if the two of them have all the time in the world for romance. It could never work between them. Or could it?

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