Midnight Velvet

September 25, 2017

Midnight Velvet

Nevada James, code name Velvet, is an intelligence analyst with the National Crime Agency (NCA). She’s just been promoted to field agent and can’t wait to start her new assignment. But a chance encounter with field agent Midnight turns her world upside down and puts her life and her heart in danger.

Tyler Call, code name Midnight, is a field agent with the NCA. The mission is everything to Tyler, who longs to be a hero like his father, a successful military general. To do that he has to put his job above everything else. It’s okay to engage in harmless flirtations, especially with NCA field agent trainee Velvet. But falling in love? Not a chance. Love would distract him from the mission.

Fate throws these two together, forcing a reality neither of them want. Suddenly they’re stuck with each other, running for their lives. Each tries to guard their heart, until the moment of truth amidst flying bullets and threats of death hits them both—a love like theirs is worth any risk.

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