WANTON – Romance Junkies

First let me say that Ms. Burton has an addictive writing style that combines strong heroines with alpha men to produce a blistering heat that will fry your fingertips. When I saw she had a Berkley Heat book coming out, I jumped at the chance to read it. And I’m happy to say this book has it all – loyal friendships, sultry sensuality and scorching physical encounters. Each couple brings their own dynamics to their tale, and yet all three stories blend together in a wonderful continuity of friendship and love. Abbey, Blair and Callie, while different in temperament, have strong bonds of friendship. It brings to mind long time friends of my own and the dares and taunts that we teasingly toss out still to this day. With a wickedly naughty pen, Ms. Burton delivers up a delightfully well-written erotic romance. It definitely reminds me of why I began reading this genre in the first place. Wild, Wicked & Wanton is not to be missed!