WANTON – Fallen Angel Reviews

Recommended Read

Oh my. Wild was really and truly a HUGE bang to start off this collection. I was blown away by the heat level. Not only are there some smoking hot scenes, but there is some true poignancy to many of the scenes between Seth and Abby. The camaraderie between Abby, Blair, and Callie is fun to watch and the differences between them add up for a fantastic foil for the others to play off of.

Ok, so, Wild was hot, and this one is a whole other kind of HOT. Blair is a very strong woman with a secret submissive side that is just aching to get out. She was a temptress that was fun to watch and to see inside her mind. The instigator of the group, she put forth such a strong façade that it was almost humbling to realize the reasons why she was who she was. And Rand? Wow, only thing I can say about him is, he was perfect, gorgeous, sensitive, but not afraid to push Blair, all in all, a fabulous addition to the tale.

Okay, so we started out smoking hot in Wild we got even hotter, but in a different way in Wicked and we went nuclear in Wanton. Callie and Jack were just plain hawt their little idiosyncrasies led to amazing encounter after amazing encounter, yet still managed to be touching and tender as well.

Jaci Burton took us on a very fun roller coaster ride in this book. The three stories were very well done and each of the characters was amazingly three dimensional for the brevity of their individual stories. I am SO glad I got to read this book!