Yes, It’s Friday, Writing Challenge, Shiny Things and Television

I actually had to ask this morning what day it was. Think it’s been a long week? :doh:

For all you writers out there, have you signed up for the 70 Day Writing Challenge yet? Come on, Sweat with Sven. You know you want to. I’m one of the sponsors again, along with Shiloh Walker, Lauren Dane, HelenKay Dimon, Diana Peterfreund, Larissa Ione and Portia Da Costa. It’s fun to suffer en masse. :giggle: It begins on March 1st so there’s still time to sign up. I’ve actually already started with my self-imposed 2000 words a day writing goal. I’ve hit that goal every day so far, though some days it’s late into the night before I hit it. But I have deadlines. Ugly deadlines. In order to meet those deadlines I know exactly how much I have to write every day to have each book finished within a certain time period. For The Darkest Temptation, the Demon Hunters book I’m working on now, it’s 2000 words a day. No excuses. I can’t wait for the challenge to begin so others will suffer with me. :devil:

Admittedly, hitting 2000 words a day isn’t that difficult for me. I’m just easily distracted by shiny things, like blog hopping, General Hospital, chatting online with friends, reality TV. Plus there always seems to be a million other things I need to do besides writing. I’m judging an RWA contest for example. That takes time. And I’m always working on promotion angles for my books, both current and upcoming. Did I mention television? I love television. This season for some reason I’m really hooked on reality tv. I love American Idol, of course, found the first week kind of meh as far as the talent. I also love Project Runway, Make Me A Supermodel, can’t wait for America’s Next Top Model to start again (I didn’t miss it did I?), and don’t even get me started on all the fun shows on TruTV, like Cops, The Investigators and Forensic Files. Um, I call all those ‘research’.

I know, I know. Less TV, more hitting word count goal. :badgirl: . Now that the writer’s strike is over, I’m going to be royally screwed when my favorite shows come back. I might as well give up sleeping.

Are you a tv watcher? Are you hooked on any reality tv like me? If so, what? If not, what do you watch? Tell me I’m not alone in my addiction.

Oh, and does anyone besides me watch General Hospital? I have so much to bitch about with the current storylines…..

Off to make word count for the day. Shiny things are calling to me. :glee:

13 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Friday, Writing Challenge, Shiny Things and Television

  1. 1
    Cathy M says:

    Hi Jaci, I am hooked on Project Runway, and Make Me a Supermodel, too. Sorry to say that the first episode of ANTM was this week, though you might be able to catch it when it repeats, I think on Sunday nite??

  2. 2
    Jaci says:

    Dammit! I knew it premiered sometime this month. Thanks Cathy! I’ll check when it’s on again and catch it.

  3. 3
    Greta Wheeler says:

    Not much of a reality show person. I do keep up with Big Brother & Survivor when they are on. I love General Hospital and watch it except when NASCAR practice or time trials are on at the same time. However do not get in my way when it comes the CSI’s, Crimal Minds, NSIS, The Unit, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Cops and America’s Most Wanted. I guess you could say I’m a crime show junkie.

  4. 4

    I started a little early on Sven, as well. I try to make 1k a day. It’s not much, but with three kids aged 2-8, work and volunteer stuff, it’s about all I can manage right now. I am also easily distracted. Thankfully I have pretty much stopped watching tv. On the other hand we got a Wii for Christmas. So, my deal is that only after I’ve hit my word count can I play with the Wii. No word count, no Wii. And here I was the one against getting a game system. ;;)

    Michelle (MG)’s last blog post..Back in the Saddle

  5. 5
    Jaci says:

    Greta – I still watch the original CSI too. And NASCAR, of course! :dancingdevil:

    Michelle – Good for you! 1K a day is doing great with little ones around. Yes, work first, fun after that. :doglick:

  6. 6
    Greta Wheeler says:

    My “kiddoes” (cats – three of them) got upset with me – because I left off “Animal Plant”.

  7. 7
    azteclady says:

    My ‘shiny!!’ is the internet. There’s really no limit to the time I’ll spend wandering around following this word, that blogger, the other review… *sigh*

    And of course, reading. Between those two, there’s not much time for actual work *grin*

  8. 8
    Ann M. says:

    I loved GH back in the 80’s. Yes.. ages ago when I was in college and first married.

    I loved Anna DeVine and Scorpio. Loved Robin as a little girl. Okay some of the plotlines were a tad far fetched but hey.. they were fun.

    I remember watching right before RDA left GH. Oh.. I’m dating myself. 🙂

  9. 9

    I watch GH.
    EMAIL ME privately. We can bitch. 😉

    carly phillips’s last blog post..Please Welcome?HELENKAY DIMON!

  10. 10
    Janet H says:

    Tru TV is great. I like Cops and The Forensic Files. Not for research. Just interesting and amazing how sick (and stupid) some people are. Not much else except the news or espn.

  11. 11
    Jaci says:

    Azteclady…..actual work is overrated :giggle:

    Ann M – I watched in the 80’s during the height of the Luke and Laura heydays. A lot of those people are still on the show. Robin’s all grown up now. I gave it up for many many years and only started watching it again last year. Didn’t take me much time at all to catch up again. Heh.

    Carly – email on the way! :glee:

    Janet – Isn’t it amazing how stupid criminals can be?

  12. 12
    Stephanie S. says:

    I love TV. With the writer’s strike I have realized some shows on repeats that I had never seen before like NCIS, which I am now addicted to. I love to watch soaps. I love the drama in them. I watch GH and I have plenty to bitch about on current storylines.

    I have so many shiny things to distract me from getting stuff done. TV, reading, blogs, internet in general, oh how the list goes on.

    Stephanie S.’s last blog post..ARC Riding Wild by Jaci Burton

  13. 13
    Teri brown says:

    I’m like you, distracted by shiny things. I am actually between projects right now, so I am going to pass on Sven. But hey, thanks for the invite. There’s nothing like hitting your head on the keyboard for seventy days…

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